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It's All Happening: Phillies 6, Marlins 1

Cole Hamels put his "pretend cop" dreams on hold to secure his elusive second win of the season, and Dom Brown turned 18 today as the Phillies kicked the Fish out of town.


Something happened last night.

Today, the Phillies beat the putrid Miami Marlins, 6-1, and crawled their way across a gathering of formerly insurmountable thresholds:

  • Cole Hamels' second win
  • Cole Hamels' highest K total of the season
  • The team's first .500 record since April
  • The team's first four game win streak of the year
  • Domonic Brown's NL-leading, and MLB-runner-upping 18th home run
  • Ryan Howard's first triple of the year
  • A tie in the standings with the future NL champion Washington Nationals

"Meh," you say, rolling your eyes so hard they accidentally wind up in your throat.

And on most other wins over the Marlins, I'd be right there with you, gagging on my own eye balls. [EDITOR: what?] But for some reason, last night, something changed.

When Bob Davidson called Ben Revere out at second for runner interference because he thought maybe he'd been daydreaming about calling balks on people for too long and should appear active, a switch was flipped.

And on the other side of that switch was Philadelphia.

It was the most ruthless outpouring of our city's finest export we've seen in a couple of years. Dom Brown was bashing homers. We were having fun. And now here's this saggy-faced fart spoiling our crappy little comeback.

People were excited to be involved. That hasn't really described anyone on or affiliating with the Phillies for some time. Momentum carried into the evening's grand finale, and then again into today. We've been winning. We want to keep winning.

So, we did. But it didn't come easy. Until the Phillies started posting some of those bullet points.

Cole Hamels went searching for his second win in his 13th start, and he went prepared. Cole chucked 11 straight strikes to start the game, and at one point had thrown 69/90 in the zone.

He allowed a solo shot to Derek Dietrich in the fourth, but surrounded it with outs. Through his seven innings, he allowed four hits, one earned run, a single walk, and a season high 11 hard K's.

Justin De Fratus and Michael Stutes took it from there, supplying a more reliable outing than this bullpen's reputation dictates. Combined, they allowed one hit in two innings, just for laughs.

The offense hacked and sputtered through the first six innings - despite an Erik Kratz RBI double that initially got them the 1-0 lead - but came into the bottom of the seventh breathing fire.

First, John Hirschbeck got crunched in the hand with an A.J. Ramos delivery that Marlins catcher Jeff Mathis (Hey, there's Jeff Mathis!) [EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that it was not Mathis, but Miguel Olivo. May my misstep be lost in history.] simply failed to catch in his mitt after it was thrown to him. This led to a 14 minute delay in which Hirschbeck eventually left the game and since he was leaving anyway Bob Davidson tried to eject him just to feel something.

With one out, Delmon Young and Ben Revere singled to put multiple men on, then pinch runner (guess who for, out of those two) Cesar Hernandez gutted it out to third on Michael Young fly ball.

Jimmy Rollins plucked Hernandez in with a single to skewer the lead, 2-1, then stole second like some kind of young called-up shortstop with squiggly dreadlocks.

Then Ryan Howard freaking TRIPLED EVERYBODY in and before everyone in the place could calm down or find their inhalators, Dom Brown stepped in and spaced his 18th home run of the season.

As an added bonus, no Marlins pitcher had the guts to hit Dom Brown with the ball and incite a suspected riot, and Bob Davidson was too busy dreaming about calling balks that he forget to call any balks.

Dom Brown, a milestone for Cole, people hitting triples who wouldn't normally hit them - this has been fairly watchable baseball. I guess that makes sense, for a .500 team.


Source: FanGraphs