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Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Schedule: ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

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The Phillies have been gifted with an appearance on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.

Bob Levey

Today ESPN released its Sunday Night Baseball schedule for the first half of the season. And the Phillies are actually on it! They'll be showing the Phillies take on the St. Louis Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park on April 21. You can find the rest of the schedule here.

ESPN hasn't decided which games they'll air for the entire months of June, August, and September, as well as two weeks in July. ESPN will decide which games they'll air on those dates several weeks prior.

The Phillies are lucky they're represented. With only 11 games chosen ahead of time, it's likely that not every team will get a turn to shine on a Sunday night. Of course, in just 11 games the Rangers will play three times, and the Giants, Angels, Braves, Cardinals, and Yankees will each play twice. Postseason surprise the Baltimore Orioles play for the first time since 2008. Most notably, the Washington Nationals don't have a game scheduled. This is peculiar, but... wait, can you hear it? That quiet noise? That's the world's smallest violin playing "My Heart Bleeds for You". Yeah, I couldn't care less. I'm guessing they'll be featured in one of the as yet undecided slots since they're likely to be in contention this season. (I'll never get used to saying or typing that. Never.)

One other interesting tidbit from the press release -- the Phillies Opening Day game on April 1 will be broadcast on ESPN2. They're playing the Braves in Atlanta at 7pm.

I haven't been lying to you, kids. Baseball is indeed coming.