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Jimmy Rollins Named to Team USA for World Baseball Classic

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The Phillies shortstop had also played for Team USA in 2009.


Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins has been named to the roster for Team USA in this spring's World Baseball Classic.

This is his second selection; Rollins had previous played for Team USA in 2009, and was named to the tournament's "All-WBC Team" that year.

Former Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino will also suit up for Team USA.

No other Phillies players were selected.

I know lots of people hate the World Baseball Classic, think it's corny, and believe that it wears players down and poses increased risks for injury, particularly on older players like Rollins. There's no conclusive data to show that player performance is adversely affected through the remainder of the regular season, and in any event I think the benefits of global expansion of the sport far outweigh and theoretical "risks."

See the full Team USA roster here.