Phillies Prospect Ranking Archive

Hello all,

For anyone who reads phuturephillies this is recent, old new but I wanted to pass this on to the readers here, as well as gather more data. I have compiled a google spreadsheet of Phillies prospect rankings from around the internet from blogs and experts lists (it is nice to see them all side-by-side). What I am more interested in is the second page where I am compiling lists from fans, so I am looking for your prospect lists of any size up to 30 (if you only want to post your top 5 that is fine with me). My plan is to run some numbers and trends to see how fans view the system as a whole as well as how they view certain players. If you have anything else you would like see from this data let me know and I will see what I can do.

You can post your lists in response to this thread or email them to me at

The Spreadsheet is here for you to view.

Thank you for any help in this