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Phillies' Roy Halladay to throw off mound today in Florida. Kyle Kendrick is there. This is January, and this is news.

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While a fanbase watches and waits, Phillies erstwhile ace, entering what will almost certainly be the final year of his contract, throws off the mound for the first time since being shut down last fall. Kyle Kendrick is there, also.

David Banks

Reported by Jim Salisbury of, and also covered by Justin at That Ball's Outta Here.

As we all know, Roy Halladay had something of a "crummy" season in 2012, posting the worst (100 innings or more) ERA in his career (4.49) and struggling with an injury that was variously described as a strain of his right latissimus dorsi muscle, and a flat-out shoulder injury. Halladay himself referred to "changes" that were observed in the shoulder, adding to the region-wide sense of dread associated with any kind of injury, much less a shoulder injury to a 35 year old with an incredibly heavy workload.

Fair to say that as Roy Halladay goes, so could the 2013 Phillies go. It's sad to think of Roy Halladay leaving the Phillies after 2013, but if he hasn't recovered from his injuries and is in a steep decline, we should all be very, very grateful for that supremely team-friendly extension Halladay signed immediately after his 2009 trade.