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To Arms (and Bats!): Fantasy Baseball Roundup

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We're nearly to Spring Training, and it's not just the real athletes in need of early planning. Get in now on TGP's multiple fantasy leagues!

"Wait, you drafted me in WHICH round again?"
"Wait, you drafted me in WHICH round again?"

The Great Rending that is the Delmon Young signing has come and past. The signing has been made, the ideal offseason cast into the dustbin of history, and now we stand on the other side of the December ravine looking towards Babylon. Er, towards Spring Training. Yeah, that's probably better.

As you may well be aware -- and, frankly, why wouldn't you be given The Good Phight's borderline obsessive attempt to remind you of this joyous occasion -- we're getting pretty close to Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers report in less than three weeks, and after that, well, it all goes pretty quickly. As a result, even though it feels early yet, it's time to buckle down and start planning for the other seasons that are about to begin as well: TGP's fantasy Baseba'al leagues.

The purpose of this post is simple: you just need to let us know if you're interested. Due to a few abstainers (and a somewhat scattered showing on the exit interview thread /stern glower) we have multiple spots open in all leagues, and we'd like to ideally fill them. Prior members get preference good number of posts/recent activity on the blog will get you precedence, although if you are a lurker (as we all were, once), don't hesitate to put your name in the hat. There's a decent chance you'll get selected.

The main league is split in twain, with half in Yahoo! and half in CBS. The Yahoo! league uses more traditional pitching categories, while CBS uses FIP to score pitchers. There was a relegation plan in place, wherein Yahoo! members would move to CBS if they finished in the top 8, and vice versa, but honestly the exit interviews demonstrated either ambivalence or out-and-out disdain for relegation, so I won't be strict on that. Each league has a maximum 16 teams, and folks who gave me an interview have a locked position. Here are the people who I know are participating:

CBS: Me, Cormican, Joecatz, TheOrangeCone, 88Lindros88, j reed, and I'm assuming co-commish general Phrozen (9 possible spots open)

Yahoo: Rujasu, and (maybe) TwistyWristy. Likely a number of vets here keeping quiet (LUZINSKI!!), but ostensibly quite a few spots here (14).

There is also a keeper league being worked out, which of course would require a commitment past this season. If you're at all interested in being part of this, let me know here. Also, both prospective and enlisted members, be sure to chime in on your preference for league -- there's ottoneu, which looks great but costs 10 bucks a person, or Fantrax, which looks slightly less exciting, but has free admission. Here are people I think are involved thus far:

Keeper: Me, Rujasu, Cormican, Joecatz, TheOrangeCone, 88Lindros88, Phrozen, lizroscher

If I've screwed up and left anyone off or included anyone who doesn't want to be included, let me know, and I'll remedy the lists. The governing body of commissioners would like to get the leagues set up within the next week or so, so that draft dates can be set painlessly in advance. So, by 5:00 PM, Wednesday January 30th, please post here if you're interested -- make the subject line "I'm in" and include your preference for league (if not already a previous member) and keeper thoughts (if relevant). Also please include your best baseball-related analogy -- an example might be "A changeup is like an old meatball -- it falls right off the table." Thanks everyone, and I'm looking forward to the season!