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Braves acquire Justin Upton from Arizona

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A 5-for-2 trade, in which the Braves get the outfield bat they were looking for, while Arizona gets a new third baseman and prospects, including pitcher Randall Delgado.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Jon Heyman tweets that Atlanta and Arizona have agreed on a trade that would send Justin Upton to Atlanta.

Atlanta gets:
OF Justin Upton (25)
3B Chris Johnson (28)

Arizona gets:
3B Martin Prado (29)
RHP Randall Delgado (22)
SS Nick Ahmed (22)
RHP Zeke Spruill (23)
1B Brandon Drury (20)

Upton joins older brother B.J. (28) in Atlanta. The Braves signed B.J. Upton as a free agent in November on a 5-year, $75.25 million deal.

Presumably the Braves' new outfield will now line up as Justin Upton in Left, B.J. in Center, and Jayson Heyward in Right.

Justin has averaged 4.2 fWAR in the last 4 years (age 21-24), and is owed a reasonable $10.0, $14.5, and $14.7 million per year in 2013-15.

He has hit .278/.357/.475 (.832 OPS, 116 wRC+) for his career, with very pronounced home-away splits:

home: .307/.389/.548 (.937 OPS, 138 wRC+)
away: .250/.325/.406 (.731 OPS, 96 wRC+)

Dave Cameron maintains that he's not just a product of Chase Field, however:

Because of unbalanced schedule, his career road games have skewed heavily towards San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Colorado; 45% of his career "away" plate appearances have come in those four parks. Maybe Colorado and San Diego cancel each other out to some degree, but that still leaves a big chunk of games in cooler weather west coast cities, and not surprisingly, Upton hasn’t hit well in either LA or San Francisco.

One thing to note there, is that it's actually the NL Central parks that he has struggled the most in. Road OPS by division:

.746 - NL East (311 PAs, .340 BABIP)
.585 - NL Central (365 PAs, .247 BABIP)
.762 - NL West (686 PAs, .300 BABIP)
.892 - AL (172 PAs, .429 BABIP)

Chris Johnson is only owed $2.3 in 2013, and has three more years of arbitration eligibility after that. He has hit .276/.315/.430 (.746 OPS, 100 wRC+) for his career.

Fangraphs' take on the trade, here.