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The 2012 Grover Awards Nominees: Best Original Blogplay

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The bloglords at The Good Phight have scoured last year's posts to salute the very best of baseball blogging.

Funnier'n a daid rabbit whut I hit with a rock I throwed
Funnier'n a daid rabbit whut I hit with a rock I throwed
Wet Luzinski

At long last, we array for you the very best of The Good Phight 2012 - those moments, forever captured on the internets, of the highest points in the most mediocre of seasons and submit to you this year's nominees for its first-ever Grover Awards.

Close readers may recall that various posts over the past year were saluted with this image:


which denoted, albeit roughly, that jus du blog, the very best of the sweaty essences poured forth in the exiled spaces in our dwelling places. Behind the scenes, your bloglordship was cutting and pasting a shared Google document working tirelessly to develop a brand new award that would salute the very Essence of Us-ness.

Over the next few days, perhaps for a diversion far more preferable that watching Ruben Amaro Jr. pair off with all the ugly free agents at the end of the offseason, come back and check out the nominees in these categories:

Tuesday: Best Original Blogplay: The posts that were exemplary in their virtuosity, and slow-clappingly outstanding in the overall field of blog excellence.

Wednesday: Best Original Screenplay: The best posts that gave us a pictorial feast for our eyes, whether in still or animated form.

Thursday: Best Adaptation of an Original Post: The best posts that riffed on whatever might have been originally intended and moved it to 11, because you see, it's one louder.

Friday: Best Response (Long form): Best responses to another post, generally 25 words or more, and

Best Response (Short form): The pithiest pith that ever pithed.

After each post, there's a poll - vote for your favorites and celebrate a year of Good Phighting. Award winners will be able to list, on their signatures, the trademarked "2012 Grover Award Winner, [category]" and then celebrate your newfound fame however you wish.

Today's category: Best Original Blogplay. And the Nominees are:

By FuquaManuel: 2012 Phillies Player Preview: Michael Martinez

By bandwagonesque: Macbeth's Soliloquy (as written by commenters)

By Trev223: Phillies 4, Nationals 2: The Best of All Possible Kyles

By bandwagonesque: The Slayn of the Jape

Vote below - comments and polls close when the Super Bowl is off-kicked, and baseball season starts anew.