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The Best Unanswered Questions from Today's #BallGirlsChat

Today the Phillies hosted a live event on Twitter where you could ask the ball girls anything. Silly Phillies.

Here, you'll need this after Pat finishes.
Here, you'll need this after Pat finishes.

The intent was pure enough: Host a live Twitter event in advance of tryouts for next year's 2014 Phillies ball girls. And the kids are all up in the Twitter, so why not have this year's crop field questions on Twitter?

A few predictable questions surfaced (how old? do the players talk to you? etc.) that were answered, and one exchange had a veritable whiff of good humor, which met the daily quota at the Phillies:

but most remain lain at the feet of the Sphinx, forever lost to the sands of time. What follows is just a selection of some of today's favorites. If I missed any, feel free to embed in the comments.