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2014 SB Nation simulated GM meetings

It's back! The good folks at Royals review are sponsoring the 2014 SB Nation simulated GM meetings and The Good Phight has assembled a crack staff to create this years Phake Phillies

White Whale
White Whale
Koji Watanabe

With the off season officially upon us one of my favorite exercises starts this Monday. The SB nation simulated GM meetings!

From next Monday through next Friday we will be participating, along with every other major league site in the SB Nation family, in a mock off season sponsored by the folks over at Royals Review.

For those who were around last year, this was an absolute blast. For those who weren't the thread Detailing what we did can be found here.

Looking back, I think we put together a pretty interesting team actually. And while there are a few deals I'd likely take back (in hindsight, Chris Perez for Darin Ruf might have been a mistake) there were certainly a few that were awesome (Ubaldo Jimenez for Trevor May was a last minute coup).

There will be a thread over at Royals review and we'll link it here once its up tomorrow, where you can follow the action. In addition, we'll be keeping tabs here all week.

A few things to understand though in regards to how things will shake out.

  • The clock is reset. the team we put together last year is no more, so we're working with the real Phillies here.
  • Players with 10/5 rights and/or FULL NO TRADE CLAUSES can not be dealt in the sim, so rollins and Utley are going nowhere. Players like Lee and Howard, with limited no trade clauses can be dealt, but the person running the sim reserves the right to veto a deal if he feels the player would not accept.
  • arbitration figures are taken from the MLBTR estimates done by Matt S. So we know what guys like Revere and Kendrick will cost. We determine non tenders etc.. and while I don't want to give up too much of my plan, I'm not planning on doing anything silly here.
  • We determine who gets a QO and who doesn't. It's pretty obvious that we have no QO guys.
  • the clock is reset, so Hunter Pence and Lincecum and Abreu are still free agents.
  • The posting system is a little different. The top three teams that bid on a player like Masahiro Tanaka get to negotiate rights.
  • Every team is working within a budget that should be around 10% more than last season, unless they can show evidence that their team intends to increase drastically.  So we have an unofficial negotiated Salary cap of $180,000,000.  It doesn't mean we can't go over, but we're going to try and do this the way we think the Phillies will do it.
  • I've got about $55,000,000 to work with including arbitration raises, and finding a catcher, OF, 2 SP, at least one RP, and filling out the bench and bullpen. It's not going to be easy.
In addition, we'd like you guys to know who will be running this show for the Phillies.

Matt Winkleman will be joining us this season as our DIRECTOR OF SCOUTING. Matt has been tasked with the job of analysing other teams prospects and ranking our system. We have a list of untouchables, and a list of guys we're okay moving. He's also the guy who'll take the ten minutes necesaary to determine which prospects to target from other teams.

JAYPOOZLE will be joining us as well, acting as our DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT. Jay, along with our Assistant GM's will have trememndous input on the prospect side, and will be counted on for opinions on the major league level.

CORMICAN returns as ASSISTANT GM: PLAYER DEVELOPMENT  If Dan says not to move a guy, He means it. Dan, along with the GM and assistant GM also will be cc'd on every trade email. Dan was essential last year, in helping through the almost 500 emails over five days.

TREV223 is the ASSISTANT GM Trev is the GM's right hand man. his conscience, and the guy who keeps said GM from turning into Ruben Amaro.

For the GM to make a trade, or sign a free agent, one of Cormican or Trev has to agree with the decision.

JOECATZ is your de facto GENERAL MANAGER. "Trader Joe" brings two consecutive CBS fantasy titles and one Otteneu keeper league title to the table and is known among those in the game as a shrewd negotiator and make it happen kind of guy. He'll be aggresive, but not stupid, as he actively attempts to right this sinking ship of a franchise.

Last but not least, we've added one role this year.

LIZ ROSCHER is the TEAM PRESIDENT AND MANAGING PARTNER. Liz gets final say. She gets to dip her hand in the cookie jar just like our owners do. If she tells the GM to sign Robbie Cano at all costs, Then the GM makes his case or does it. Liz can fire the GM at any time. She has full power to veto any deal for monetary reasons. To go over the $180,000,000 budget, I need her approval.

Just like the real team.

There are spreadsheets. Scouting reports. Strategies behind the scenes. We're taking this seriously.

And its gonna be a blast.

We'd love your input here, after all, it's your team too. But this is gonna be a blast.

Especially when I dump Papelbon. That will be fantastic.

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