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Breaking News: Phillies re-sign Carlos Ruiz

Chooch is back! He's back in the fold for the next 3 years at $26 million.


Late this morning Ken Rosenthal broke the news that Carlos Ruiz will be returning to red pinstripes.

The terms of the contract were reported by Matt Gelb:

If that's the case it seems likely that Ruiz ends his career in Philadelphia, as he's currently Ruiz will be 35 years old in January, and three years for a 35 year old catcher But hey, let's just be happy Ruiz is back, and not worry about the details just yet.

Keith Law provided some quick analysis on the twitter machine:

Oh. Well, that's his opinion.

My hot take, I don't think it's that bad. Yes, it's a year too long, but the AAV is a manageable $8.67 million, and there are times that teams tend to give popular hometown guys a little more than they probably deserve on the free market. Those types of players have a little more value to their home team, at least in terms of marketing and fan appreciation than they might have elsewhere.

So, again, welcome back Chooch!


Edited to add breakinger news:

A 4th year option? Doesn't really move the needle much, as I can't see them picking up an option on a contract that's already a year too long when Ruiz will be 38, but who knows.

More analysis of this move and how it fits in the context of the Phillies off-season plans will be forthcoming.

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