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Voting Now Open For 2013 Phillies Sigh Young Award

There are a depressing number of viable choices for this award.

This is Chad Durbin, either before, after, or in the midst of being very bad.
This is Chad Durbin, either before, after, or in the midst of being very bad.
Jason Miller

Picking up where we left off, it's now time to vote on this year's Sigh Young award. The Sigh Young, named by our own brilliant Wet Luzinski, is the opposite of the Cy Young award. Or, if not the opposite, than the evil partner of the Cy Young award.

Which Phillies pitcher distinguished himself as being very bad? Who went out there time after time, hoping to pitch well, only to have his performance boldly exclaim to the world "TODAY I AM NOT GOOD"? As you can see from the choices below, this is a competitive field. Depressingly competitive. I included a mix of starters and relievers, and they all have one thing in common: they all had at least one stretch of really bad outings this season. For some, that could have been a few games. For others, that stretch was their entire season. And no, Casper Wells isn't on there. Poor guy isn't even a pitcher. I think he's suffered enough. God, that was a turd of a game.

Indeed, an enterprising soul could make an argument for any of these players to get this award. But there can be only one. So vote in the poll below. Vote as if your life depended on it! (It doesn't.) And don't forget to vote for the other three categories:

And come back tomorrow for our next category, Reliever of the Year.

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