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Voting Open for 2013 Phillies Reliever of the Year

Well, we know who WON'T be winning this award!

Drew Hallowell

Reliever of the year. You may be wondering "Why is this category here? Why should we care?" I asked myself that same question, dear reader. The Phillies' bullpen this year was pretty much a revolving door made of suck. Suck and pain. Looking at all the relievers that the Phillies employed this year, I was a little surprised by how many I'd forgotten about. (Jeremy Horst?) And then there are the guys who were added at the beginning of September who I never became familiar with. B-Ref *says* that Mauricio Robles pitched for the Phillies three times in September, but do you remember that? I don't! B-Ref could be making it up and I'd never know.

But that endless line of relievers is exactly why this award is important. Out of the thousand or so relievers that the Phillies employed this year, which one was the best? There had to be one. One who didn't make you cringe every time he jogged in from the bullpen. One who didn't make you weep for the future of the team every time he threw a pitch. There has to be one. One guy. One tiny little ray of light, of hope.

Oh my God the Phillies were so bad this season. Sometimes I forget that. Living my life free of Phillies games every night, I occasionally let the 2013 season drift into memory and dream. And then I'm brought back to reality and a Chad Durbin clip plays in my head AND THEN I CRY.

Uh, so, anyway. Vote for your reliever of the year below. And don't forget the other four categories -- the voting is still open!

And come back tomorrow for our last categories -- Rookie of the Year and Minor League Player of the Year!

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