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Rule 5 results - Farewell Seth Rosin Hello Kevin Munson

The Rule 5 just completed and the Phillies made a pick and lost a player.

Ruben sits for his yearbook photo, or something.
Ruben sits for his yearbook photo, or something.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

First on what the Phillies lost, the New York Mets took Seth Rosin with their pick. Rosin can almost certainly stick in the bullpen for a full year. He was part of the return for Hunter Pence from the Giants (a trade the Phillies are starting to look dead set on frittering away the pieces acquired, with Nate getting non-tendered last fall). Rosin didn't have the greatest of years in 2013, but he still has a great bullpen profile. The Phillies tried to Start him, but his stuff is not good enough to go through a lineup multiple times. He has 3 average offerings, but pretty good control/command and gets quite a few ground balls. He's basically David Herndon. A nice pickup by the Mets, and while I hate to see Rosin go, it's not like this club has a shortage of bullpen bound prospects.

All in all, I'd rather lose Rosin, whose ceiling is #5 Starter than lose Colvin whose ceiling might still be mid rotation Starter if he can find Home Plate and regain some velocity. Colvin's mechanics are a mess, but with a new Pitching coordinator and a new focus on developing more control as an Org. perhaps Colvin can be salvaged. I'd rather keep that than the 15th guy on the bullpen depth chart.

Now, who did the Phillies get? Well, word on the street yesterday was that the D-backs told Amaro they added Ender Inciarte to their 40-Man because "you a-holes would pick him again". Well, us A-holes took a Pitcher from the d-backs instead. Ha, take that. Now, before I get too far into who the Phillies picked, it's important to remember that every guy in the Rule 5 is flawed in some way, otherwise they wouldn't be available. Some flaws are fixable and guys go on to big careers, some flaws aren't and you never hear of the guy again. The Phillies took RHP Kevin Munson a 24 year old Reliever with a low 90's Fastball and a Slider that's a pretty good strike out pitch. That profile also fits a guy who induces a lot of Grounders (not as high as an elite GB pitcher though, usually in the low to mid 40% range). I see no issues with Munson sticking in the bullpen for a full season. Munson had ranked as high as 13 on the D-backs BA prospect rankings since being drafted in 2010. He strikes out a ton of guys, but occasionally walks a ton. His profile reminds me a bit of a shorter Brad Lidge, though his stuff is not quite as good.

You may also hear about a few other moves: The Red Sox selected SS Jonathan Roof in the Minor League portion. Roof is pretty much an Org. guy that's available to fill holes in the system when guys get called up or injured. Not a big loss for the Phillies. Also, the Texas Rangers selected former NC State Outfielder, Rockies farm hand and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson; we're all screwed in the intraleague flag football game now.

A few names bandied about prior to the Rule 5 that the Phillies didn't take: J.D. Martinez, a 26 year old OF in the Astros system who never saw a pitch he wouldn't swing at, but who also carries good bench power and hits Righthanded (kind of a poor man's Mayberry). Carlos Perez, a Catcher also from the Astros system who is a top Defender, with some potential in his bat, but is blocked by Castro (of course the Phillies are currently carrying 32 Catchers on their 40 man, making this pick rather unlikely anyway). Lastly. Thomas Kahnle, Pitcher in the Yankees system, who was supposedly offered for Michael Young (making it unlikely the Phillies would take him here).

Update- Seth Rosin then traded by the Mets to the Dodgers