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Phillies snubbed by 2013 'best bat flips' list

This is a good opportunity to recall the best times the Phillies took their bats and threw them in celebration, just as we were taught not to do in Little League.


Fangraphs has put together a terrific list of the year's best bat flips, but failed in a sense, as they did not include any of the Phillies. Yes, the Phillies' offense wasn't known for its run-producing, which was minimal enough that any showboating may have in retrospect been woefully misplaced, but. Uh. I don't know.

Bat flips are cool? And Dom Brown hit a bunch of dingers. So enjoy this bunch of .gifs I stole from Crashburn Alley, The Fightins, and The 700 Level.

Domonic Brown

Brown literally turned bat flipping on its head this season. Good lord, look at him carry that bat and then flip it by the opposite end. Careful, Dom - that part's still hot.

Kevin Frandsen

This is a walk off bat flip, of which there was one on the real list, yes, but Frandsen's energy is way higher than Juan Uribe's even though Uribe's came in the playoffs. That's just how Frandsen is, at all times - like he's in the playoffs.

Erik Kratz/Freddy Galvis

Tie game, Aroldis Chapman. And with offensive dynamo Freddy Galvis batting behind him, this was a 1-2 walkoff punch the Reds won't soon forget. Mostly because Kratz's spinning bat propeller is seered into their minds.

Domonic Brown, again

This one got him in a bit of hot water, because the Marlins - baseball's gold standard of baseball - were offended by the dramatics. Also offended: beat writers with dumb opinions, rich snobs sitting in front row wearing monacles that landed in their champagne, racists, idiots.

Jimmy Rollins

Hey the Marlins, if you don't like bat flips, maybe we'll pull back on all the bat flips for you.

Jkjk, I'm just gonna take ball four and place the bat over here like this.

Carlos Ruiz

Oh man, I just clocked your shoddy workmanship over the left field wall, and the bat, like, totally slipped out of my hands and onto the ground like I'm some sort of Panamanian Thunder Titan. Wait a second, this was from 2012; oh no, now it's even more not on the Fangraphs list.

I'm gonna enjoy it anyway.