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1950 World Series recap Game 1: Yankees 1 - Phillies 0

The long lost transcript of the first World Series the The Good Phight ever recapped by Eamon Cormican. Cormican's own poor luck Grandfather.

New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel with Philadelphia Phillies manager Eddie Sawyer prior to Game 1 of the 1950 World Series at Shibe Park.
New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel with Philadelphia Phillies manager Eddie Sawyer prior to Game 1 of the 1950 World Series at Shibe Park.
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It's a lovely day for a ballgame. Welcome to Shibe Park where the American League Champion New York City Yankees face our beloved Philadelphia Phillies. Today's game is brought to you by the 1951 Mercury line of automobiles, featuring the all new state-of-the-art Merc-O-matic transmission. It's new, the latest development in the industry, it's wonderful, with unbelievable driving ease and smoothness. Developed with Borg-Warner you can now ride in style without needing to worry about all that shifting. It's easy, convenient and safe. Merc-O-matic, there's nothing like it on the road.

Starting on the mound today for the Phillies is Jim Konstanty. Jim had a swell season earning 16 wins against 7 losses. This is the big relievers first start of the year and the biggest stage to make it on. I have to say, it is a curious choice to start the MAjor League Saves leader in Game 1 of the World Series. Speaking of greatest stages the great Elliot Lawrence Band is on the field to play the 1950 Phillies unofficial theme song "It might as well be spring." It was a rousing rendition and surely prepared the Phillies players for a spirited game with DiMaggio and the Yankees.

Gene Woodling leads off for the Yankees and Konstanty's mix of Sliders and Changeups did not fool the Left fielder who gladly took First base on a leadoff Walk. Following him to the plate was the AL MVP Phil Rizzuto. Scooter hopped a single to Left and starting Konstanty began looking like a bad decision by Skipper Eddie Sawyer. Konstanty then, against all odds, got the heart of the mighty Yankees lineup to flyout in order.

The Phillies were unable to seize on the chance as Waitkus, Ashburn and Sisler went down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the inning. The Second Inning progressed the same for both clubs as Konstanty and Raschi got opposing hitters out with a variety of grounders and flyouts. The Yankees would not be held down for long though as they came out swinging in the Third, led by Starting Pitcher Vic Raschi who got things started with a single to Left Field. Woodling again proved to be unfooled by Konstanty's pitches and drew a second Walk. Rizzuto then executed a fine sacrfice bunt to advance the runners in a very professional manner. That's the kind of unselfish play that makes him so worthy of the MVP this year, no showboating and no waiting for Walks, Scooter took matters into his own hands and the Phils were unable to get either lead runner on the play. Berra then hit a short fly ball to Sisler. Sisler caught it and the ball was not hit deep enough for Raschi to advance to Home. Not willing to take his chances against the great Joe DiMaggio, Sawyer called for an Intentional walk to the great Yankees slugger. Konstanty then got First Baseman Johnny Mize to pop out to Third Baseman Willie Jones, ending the threat.

Raschi continued to fool the Phillies batters in the Fourth, once again sending them down in order. Konstanty came back out for the Fourth Inning and gave up a leadoff Double to Bobby Brown. Hank Bauer followed with a deep flyball to Center which was fielded by Richie Ashburn for the out. Despite a strong throw, the ball was just hit too deep for the Phillies to prevent Brown from safely reaching Third Base. With one out and a runner on Third, Konstanty would face the Yankees young Second Baseman Jerry Coleman and the Pitcher Raschi. A pair of groundouts would be ideal to hold Brown at Third. Coleman with a fly ball, this is deep. Sisler settles in under the ball near the fence and makes the catch. Brown will score easily on that one folks. Yankees put the first run on the board. Raschi then got the groundout we hoped for on the prior pitch. The Phillies have the top of the order coming up in the Fourth and need to get something going against the Ace of the Yankees staff, 21 game winner Vic Raschi. The Phillies ultimately went down 1-2-3 with Raschi collecting the second Strikeout of the game against Sisler. Konstanty then put the Yankees down in order to begin the Fifth Inning. The Phillies challenged in the bottom of the inning when laced a fine one-out Single to Center and advanced to Second on a Single by Catcher Andy Seminick. Raschi then got the Third Strikout of the game against Goliat to end the threat for the Whiz Kids.

The Yankees threatened again in the Top of the 7th with an Error allowing Raschi to get on followed by a Single from Woodling. Konstanty was then able to get a weak popout from Rizzuto and a groundout from Berra. The Phillies went down in order for the reaminder of the game and the Yankees managed an additional Single from Bauer in the Ninth, but the final score remained unchanged as the NL Champion Phillies lost 1-0 to the AL Champion Yankees. This is the Third year in a row that the opening game of the World Series ended 1-0 and featured a 2-hit shutout. These Whiz Kids have been great all year with their backs against the wall and I expect they'l come out fighting for Game 2.

Today's winning Pitcher is Vic Raschi who went 9 Innings with 5 Strikeouts, 1 Walk and 2 hits. Jim Konstanty takes the loss in spite of a fine performance in which he went 8 Innings, while giving up only 5 hits and 4 Walks. Today's game was brought to you by Brylcreem. Put life in your dry hair and never be afraid to take off your hat again. Give your hair the look that ladies love. Excitingly clean and disturbingly healthy. Brylcreem, a little dab'll do ya.