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Vote For Phillies To Win MLB Network Social Media Awards

The MLB Network is set to televise their first-ever Social Media Awards on Sunday, December 15th at 8pm ET. And two Phillies players in particular need your votes.

Ben Revere made this catch.
Ben Revere made this catch.

There were no Philadelphia Phillies award winners in 2013. There were no MVPs, no Cy Youngs, no Rookies of the Year, no Silver Slugger Award winners and no Gold Glove Award winners.

The Phillies, deservedly so, were shut out this year.

However, all is not lost. There is still time to get the Phils at least a little postseason love for the 2013 season. Which is why it is incumbent upon you to get on the intergoogleweb, get your typing wands and clicky fingers ready, and click here to vote for Ben Revere and Chase Utley in MLB Network's first-ever MLB Network Social Media Awards.

Revere is up for two awards (OMG! Play of the Year & Selfie of the Year), and Utley is up for Best Fan Cave Video.

Obviously, the Revere grab in question is this one...

Which is the single best outfield catch by a Phillie since Tony Barron almost killed himself on the Vet stadium turf back in 1997...

Utley's award nomination is for answering a question from a young Phillies fan named "Mac."

Basically, if you don't like Chase Utley, you're a communist.

In all, there are 12 categories you can vote on, including the three mentioned already. The voting will remain open through Wednesday, December 4th. After that, you're just going to be mindlessly clicking at nothing, so timeliness is key here.

And during the show, each winner will be announced live by the MLB Network Twitter handle @MLBNetwork, while Miami Marlin and expert Twitterizer Logan Morrison will join MLB Network's Greg Amsinger and Heidi Watney to host the show, airing on Sunday, December 15th at 8pm ET on the MLB Network.

So, vote for Ben and Chase. Because, it's not like we have any fun free agent signings or trades to look forward to.