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Trade Rumors: Phillies "Actively Shopping" Domonic Brown

Get out your grocery baskets, kids! It's active shopping time!


If Jeff Passan was looking for the best time to drop this nugget, the time when it would have the effect of a sucker punch on the Phillies fan base, then during Halladay's farewell press conference was the right time.

As much as I hate the idea of losing Dom Brown, one of the only exciting things about 2013, this isn't a bad idea. If he wants to sell high on him, now is the time. (Well, this past summer was the time, but that's neither here nor there). Though of course, it's not like Brown is an unknown commodity. It's hard to sell high on a guy when everyone else knows his value. So if Ruben Amaro Jr is looking to sell high on Dom Brown, he may want to adjust his expectations.

The Phillies do need controllable starting pitching. They just need starting pitching, really. But trading Dom Brown leaves Mayberry and Ruf as left fielders, and hooooooo boy am I not comfortable with that.

The Winter Meetings have started, folks. Boy have they ever. Stay tuned for more! I bet Ruben has something up his sleeve...