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The 2012 Grover Awards: Best Response (Short Form)

A separate and suitably short poll for the best short comments of yesteryear on The Good Phight.

Muh taimper's short, too.
Muh taimper's short, too.
Wet Luzinski

And now, for you fans of pith helmets:

Short form: Tom Horne's winning submission to: Chooch Appreciation... in Six Words

Short form: Wet Luzinski: "The Nazi-Cohen alliance is a powerful force"

Short form: Phrozen: "On a scale of Qualls to 10, Qualls being the worst, how do you rate on the 'it's my fault were in this freaking mess and missed the playoffs scale'" found here

Short form: BudinTN: "Hey, how about a Ryan Howard for Vernon Wells trade? Wells is totally useless, but he’ll only be useless for 2 more years." found in the October 2 game thread.