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Phillies Spring Training Roundup, February 15, 2013: Dom's Big Chance, The Young Ones, Doing Windows

A look at the Phillies action in Clearwater, Florida.

I want to believe.
I want to believe.
Jamie Squire

Brown Gets Another Chance - Philadelphia Inquirer

Nice to read some of these quotes about Domonic Brown. But they had really better give him a chance to sink or swim.

Domonic Brown hoping to make mark - Delaware County Daily Times

A good day for Brown coverage. And some nice quotes from Brown and Ryan Howard about one another. Warm feelings!

ESPN - Phillies Offseason Report Card

No spoilers!

Ryan Howard: The Window is Still Open -

Even though this kind of talk doesn't necessarily translate into production, it's nice to see confidence coupled with motivation.

Filling two outfield spots - Philadelphia Inquirer

Matt Gelb gives some credence to what I had suspected -- that Ruben Amaro's "promise" of the right field job to Delmon Young was a bunch of baloney.

Chase Utley feels "pretty damn good" - Philadelphia Daily News

Please be true please be true please be true...

Michael Young adjusting to Phillies and Philly... -

Philadelphia, I'm begging you... please stop being insane.

Young was going through security at Philadelphia International when one of the TSA screeners checked his license and noticed that it had a Dallas address.

"She looks at me," Young said, telling the story with a grin, "and I thought she was going to call the cops on me. I was checking my pockets to make sure I don’t have a knife on me or anything. She asked if I was a Cowboys fan."

Young told the truth.

"I said 'yeah,'" Young continued. "She was pissed. She was not happy with that answer at all."

Michael Young: "There's a big difference between old and experienced." -

Is that a quote from Indiana Jones?