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Home Opener

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I went to the stadium store today and saw this wonderful sign.

48 days!
48 days!

Nothing much of substance in this story, but I have to write a minimum number of words, so here goes: I went to the stadium store today to pick up a few birthday presents. The best part of the trip was being greeted with this wonderful sign -- 48 days to the home opener.

If you're like me, maybe you've never been to the stadium store before. I go to a lot of games, but I never buy souvenirs. I live in the city, so if I want something Phillies related, I have plenty of options without spending time at the store during the game. But, I needed a jersey that only the store would have, so I found myself there on this cold winter Saturday.

It was a great place to spend some time. Not only did it have exactly what I needed, but I got to peruse everything Phillies related, which was a nice part of a Saturday. I also got to think about 48 days from now....

(The only bad part of the store was just how many Young 10 jerseys there were. Maybe that's a good sign -- there were so many because no one is buying them. But, to me, I shudder to think that the team is putting that much stock in Michael Young that they were producing large quantities of his jerseys. I bet these wind up being worn by random people in developing countries rather than Phillies fans.)