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Helpful Spring Training Links

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On land, in the sea, or flying through the air, you can see the 2013 Phillies anywhere*! (*May not actually be true)


Spring training is finally in full swing, folks. With the exception of four days, there's a spring training game every day between now and opening day on April 1.

But when are these games? Where can you see or hear them? We've got you covered.

This link gives you local and national broadcast information for all Phillies games, including spring training. Is the game on TCN? MLB Network? ESPN? WHERE?! This will tell you.

For those like me who are outside of the Phillies local broadcast area, this link gives the full list of spring training games that will be broadcast on MLB.TV, i.e. the best $130 I spend every year. This list isn't just for the Phillies, it's for every team.

And if you're going to be visiting Clearwater or other Grapefruit League cities to see a few games, check out the fantastic and comprehensive Grapefruit League post written by Kurt Mensching of Bless You Boys. He gives you the address of each stadium, the location on Google Maps, parking info, ticket prices, and links galore.

If you'd like to know how every Phillies player is doing in spring training, you're in luck. has started tracking spring training statistics! You can find the Phillies here.

I'm sure these aren't the only useful spring training links out there, so if you've found any, please share them in the comments.