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Grapeshot: Braves at Phillies Game Thread, February 28, 2013

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Ben Revere batting leadoff, Jimmy Rollins second. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Cole Hamels gets his second spring start and goes against Paul Maholm of the Braves, I mean Barves.

Jimmy Rollins leaves for the World Baseball Classic after the game and is batting second today, OMFG. Ben Revere is batting leadoff. DESTROY THE WORLD!!!


1. Ben Revere - CF

2. Jimmy Rollins - SS

3. Chase Utley - 2B

4. Ryan Howard - 1B

5. Michael Young - 3B

6. Domonic Brown - RF

7. Darin Ruf - LF

8. Laynce Nix - DH

9. Erik Kratz - C