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Domonic Brown Succeeding In Spring Training (Unfortunately)

Domonic Brown is off to a hot start in spring training, and Phillies brass is PISSED.

Al Messerschmidt

Yesterday, Domonic Brown laced a double off the center field wall, nearly missing a home run. With that double, his spring training numbers currently stand at 5-11 with 2 homers, 6 runs scored and 4 walks. His improved approach and confident attitude doesn't bode well for the Phillies management, who have tried their hardest to stunt his development and give more time to players like Michael Martinez and Laynce Nix.

"It's unfortunate..." Ruben Amaro stated from the Bright House Field dugout. "You wish these things don't happen, but that's baseball. It's the state of the game and you just gotta cope with it." Manager Charlie Manuel offered similar words, echoing Amaro's statements. "You know we keep bringing in guys to hopefully block him out there on the field. Pence, Pierre, Ruf...guy just keeps finding a way out there". Fans are not happy about this either, but they're being optimistic. "A 5-tool player who's finally reaching his potential? A young outfield bat who's just what we need! Trade him now! His value has never been higher!" One hopeful young fan said on a social media website.

If Brown continues to hit at his torrid pace, the Phillies might be put in the tough situation of making him the opening day starter out in right field. The former highly touted prospect could finally be reaching his potential, much to the Phillies' chagrin. What may happen if this hot hitting continues all spring training?

"Well we brought in ten outfielders and two of them have to be better than him, right? right?", Phillies president David Montgomery stated, almost trying to convince himself. When asked if Brown would be traded for a beta model of the brand new Sony PS4, Ruben Amaro simply said matter of factually, "I don't comment on rumors."