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The 2012 Grover Awards: Winning Winners and the Winners Who Wonned Them

The balloting is over for the awards for the best Phillies blogging of 2012. And the Grovers go to...

Ol' Pete thinks y'all are rock stars. Like that bunny whut he brain'd!
Ol' Pete thinks y'all are rock stars. Like that bunny whut he brain'd!
Wet Luzinski

Best Original Blogplay: The posts that were exemplary in their virtuosity, and slow-clappingly outstanding in the overall field of blog excellence. And the Grover goes to:

Trev223: Phillies 4, Nationals 2: The Best of All Possible Kyles

Best Original Screenplay: The posts that gave us a pictorial feast for our eyes, whether in still or animated form. And the Grover goes to:

jctGamer: "Oscar-winning performance by Shane Victorino/Waterfront.feat"

Best Adaptation of an Original Post: The best posts that riffed on whatever might have been originally intended and moved it to 11, because you see, it's one louder. And the Grover goes to:

Peter Lyons: 2012 Exit Interview: Shane Victorino

Best Response (Long form): Best responses to another post, generally 25 words or more. And the Grover goes to:

Phrozen: Qualls and Moylan comparison "Wheels within wheels" found here. (bonus point to Halladayseason for his visual representation in the comments thread, which earned him a nomination in a nomination).

Best Response (Short form): The pithiest pith that ever pithed. Grover:

Tom Horne: For his winning submission to: Chooch Appreciation... in Six Words

Thanks to all who posted, voted, commented, and played. The bucket o' insightful TGP hilarity is already starting to fill up in 2013, so keep on posting - and your post might just merit a: