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Doldrums: Phillies at Astros Game Thread, March 10, 2013

How will the Astros make the Phillies suffer this time? Let's find out!


We're hitting the tough part of spring training here, folks. The regular season is in sight, but there's still a ways to go. Playing time is starting to ramp up but no one is playing full games yet. Storylines have been established and a few roster moves have been made. And of course, along with those roster moves, we're hearing the familiar calls of "[Minor leaguer X] is playing so well! Let's put him on the 25-man roster and have him replace [major leaguer Y] full time!" That kind of stuff makes my ears bleed.

But on to today's game! The Phillies are at Osceola County Stadium today taking on the Astros. Cole Hamels is pitching. Domonic Brown has the day off, and the outfield consists of Darin Ruf in left, Ben Revere in center, and Laynce Nix iyn cyntyr fyeld. Chase Utley's at second, Ryan Howard's at first, and we're blessedly free of Yuniesky Betancourt again as Freddy Galvis is at shortstop.

Discuss the game and the thousand ways the Astros will annoy us in the comments below.