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Phillies: The Week in Prospects - Jesse Biddle Tops Phillies Prospects in National Rankings

More Lists. There are always more lists. This week John Sickels released his top 150 Prospects and Fangraphs released their Top 100. I'll also briefly touch on the Top 101 prospects from Baseball Prospectus (It's one louder izn it?)


Fangraphs Top 100

There's not too much to say about the Fangraphs list from a Phillies perspective.Jesse Biddle makes an appearance at #88. That's roughly the same neighborhood he was in on the ESPN and MLB Top 100's. Adam Morgan did not make the list. For Non-Phillies of interest: Travis D'arnaud appears at #11 (with fellow Catcher Mike Zunino at #12), Jonathan Singleton appears at #29.

Baseball Prospectus Top 101

Jason Parks published the list, but it's a shared effort over at BP and involves feedback from teams, scouts and, really, anyone with knowledge that you can get in touch with. That's important to keep in mind. The reason it's important to remember is that Biddle appears at #67 here. That's higher than many other lists. Were this just the BP writers putting the list together he wouldn't be this high, but it seems the feedback they got from sources made it clear that Biddle's a safe bet. He won't be an ace, but it looks pretty certain he won't be a bust either. Non-Phillies of interest: Travis D'arnaud appears at #15 (1 spot behind Billy Hamilton), and Singleton is at #25

John Sickels Top 150

This list is interesting. Jesse Biddle turns up at #61 as a B+/B prospect. Adam Morgan appears at #132 and was noted by Sickels as a guy who gets overlooked. Roman Quinn and Ethan Martin are listed as near misses for the list. It's equally interesting in the non-Phillies of interest area, where D'arnaud, expectedly, comes in at #13, but others aren't where you'd expect. Singleton doesn't appear until #56 - that's much lower than other lists. It can only be Jarred Cosart appears at #106. Johnathan Villar is ranked #145 as a high risk/high reward type. All are worth a read, and if you get a comment in there soon, I have no doubt Sickels will provide his thoughts.