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Phillies News: Darin Ruf, Jermaine Mitchell Optioned, Rodrigo Lopez Released

The day ended Ruf-ly for Darin Ruf. Geddit!? ...I'll show myself out.


This is probably not how Darin Ruf imagined today going.

"Oh man, this is SO COOL. I just hit a walk-off home run and we BEAT the BRAVES HELL YEAH. I feel like I could be the captain of a pirate ship right now, or even be friends with the Incredible Hulk. I feel like a million bucks right now! What's that, Charlie? You want to see me in your office? Sure, no problem. It's probably to give me more righteous high fives!"


After today's walk-off win against the Braves that doesn't count for anything at all, Darin Ruf was optioned to minor league camp and will play with the AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Ruf has never played in AAA, having skipped it completely last year. He was added to the major league roster once his incredible minor league season was complete. According to every single Phillies beat writer, Ruf will spend more time in left field and will probably make it back to the majors some time this year. Ruf hit .226/.305/.396 in 59 plate appearances this spring.

Outfielder Jermaine Mitchell was optioned to minor league camp today as well. Mitchell hit .318/.375/.682 in 24 plate appearances.

Rodrigo Lopez wasn't reassigned anywhere but was instead given the boot. Well, the actual, official term is "released", but it's really the same thing. Released into the wild. Into the ether. Into a den of hungry caterpillars. Lopez pitched to a cool 7.00 ERA in nine innings, and gave up 7 earned runs in two innings against the Braves on Monday. He will be... not missed, but... not pitching for the Phillies! He will be not pitching for the Phillies.

And yet amidst all these roster moves, rule 5 pick Ender Inciarte remains at-large. His fate will be decided soon, either by Charlie Manuel or perhaps by some kind of elimination bracket. Who knows how the Phillies will choose to do it.