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PeeStation - Iron Pigs introduce Urinal Gaming, Book tickets for 2013 Nobel Prize Gala

Is it April First yet? No? Good, otherwise you'd never believe this sh..., well, not that...yet. According to the official site of the Iron Pigs they will be the first venue in the world to offer urinal gaming

Hey, I'm goin for max score over here.
Hey, I'm goin for max score over here.
Dan Kitwood

Now before you get the wrong idea, this isn't some secretive thing that US Congressmen or George Michael do in Airports. It's more like peeing on Space Invaders. This is not invented by R. Kelly, it's from Captiva Media (Get it? Captiva, cause you're kinda stuck there for a few minutes).

When you walk up to the urinal a screen turns on to game mode and tracks your stream as you pee at various targets. Upon completing your Number 1, you get a code so you can go home and see if your Number 1 was, in fact, Number 1 against all the fans you're in urine competition against.

Lehigh Valley Urology takes a golden view of the new game as a reminder to men of the importance of Prostate health. It's an opportunity to get together with your team ( I assume the Doctor bats clean-up, so to speak) to manage your Prostate health.

There are several games including alpine skiing, in which you stream your way down a mountain through gates and obstacles. And a game in which you race around on a snowmobile killing ZWR (actually generic penguins, though I'm sure a certain site will have some fun with this. Also, killing penguins? What, were seals to hard to club with pee?)

So, as a (male) fan, what do you need to do to "win"? A Handy list:

1) Drink water all day. I mean hydrate like a sponge, get really water logged.

2) Buy a poncho and rubber pants and water proof shoes. And, possibly one of those Gorton's Fisherman hats. Once competition gets going, and beers flow, you could be in for heavy weather.

3)Get a Designated Driver and drink obscene amounts of beer, but don't pee until the 7th inning. Really build up the pressure so you can maximize your score.

4) Can you put in some practice beforehand? Sure, but I'm trying to keep this PG-13.

This does reek of a good idea, with unforeseen consequences. It sounds like weird fun, ultimately you kind of have to do it anyway, so why not kill penguins at the same time?