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This Still Doesn't Count: Blue Jays at Phillies Game Thread, March 29, 2013

Don't be fooled by the change in scenery.


The Phillies may be playing a night game at Citizens Bank Park, but this game still doesn't count. It may have all the trappings of the regular season -- announcers, lights, fancy scoreboard, pitch speeds, a lineup that looks somewhat plausible -- but it's just a drill. This still isn't the real thing.

The Phillies are taking on the Blue Jays tonight and tomorrow afternoon for the On-Deck Series. (It's like when a Broadway show is in previews.) Mark Buehrle is starting for the Blue Jays, and I looked that up three times because I keep forgetting he's not on the Marlins anymore. The Phillies will have Cliff Lee on the mound.

Discuss the game and the many ways it doesn't count in the comments below.