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2013 TGP Over/Under/Never Competition: This Season's Slate of Events Unveiled!

In which the readers of The Good Phight attempt to prognosticate, soothsay, augur, divine, presage and wild-ass guess the outcomes of certain events chosen by a select group of Top. Men. BEFORE THEY HAPPEN!


If you've done this before, you know the drill. If you haven't, below is a list of certain events, each with a certain predefined "expected outcome." Your task is to determine if the event will occur prior to that outcome (under), after it (over), or will not occur at all (never).

Additionally, the Top. Men. have added a few nonstandard events this year, to be adjudicated at the end of the season based on various totals and summations. The details are in the attached table. This message will self-destruct in some number of seconds.

Unfortunately, there will be no prizes awarded this year, as the Top Men (for the record; Wet Luzinski, TwistyWristy and myself) spent the prize money on hookers and blow, but the winners will enjoy the pride of knowing they won a contest with a bunch of anonymous internet strangers! YAYGUYS!



Anyway, on to the events....

  1. April 5.5; Ben Revere grounds into double play. Must be a traditional GIDP of some form; ie, no outfield assists.
  2. April 10.5; Chase Utley hits his 200th career homerun (needs one more).
  3. April 25.5; "Now batting, Delmon Young" (any plate appearance for D. Young - not just announced).
  4. April 25.5; "Now batting, the right fielder, Delmon Young" (Young must start a game in RF).
  5. April 25.5; Error: Delmon Young.
  6. May 2.5; Around the League Bonus: Joe Blanton's 1,000th career strikeout (needs 22).
  7. May 5.5; Ender Inciarte stolen base.
  8. May 10.5; Ryan Howard two-strike, opposite field base hit (other than a homerun).
  9. May 15.5; Around the League Bonus: Shane Victorino's 200th career double (needs five).
  10. May 25.5; Four-hit game by a Phillie (extra credit for naming the player).
  11. May 30.5; Phillippe Aumont save.
  12. June 1.5; Delmon Young released.
  13. June 10.5; First 3+ game series sweep by the Phillies (extra credit for the opponent).
  14. June 15.5; Cliff Lee ties his 2012 win total (six).
  15. June 25.5; Domonic Brown benched after error-strewn game (must any combination of errors and caught stealing; two or more, eg one E plus one CS, two E, two CS).
  16. June 25.5; Freddy Galvis' first career stolen base.
  17. July 1.5; Cole Hamels pitches a complete game.
  18. All-Star Break; Phillies' record; over/under/even of 50-46 (.521 winning percentage). Note: "over" means more wins; "under" means fewer.
  19. July 20.5; Ben Revere inside-the-park homerun.
  20. August 1.5; Darin Ruf homerun as a Phillie.
  21. August 15.5; Jimmy Rollins' 200th career homerun (needs seven).
  22. September 1.5; "Now batting, Tommy Joseph."
  23. September 1.5; Roy Halladay pitches a complete game.
  24. September 10.5; Around the League Bonus: Raul Ibanez's 2,000th career hit (needs 117).
  25. September 15.5; "Now batting, Jonathan Papelbon" (extra credit for the outcome).
  26. September 28.5; Ryan Howard's 1,500th career strikeout (needs 194).
  27. October 30.5 (World Series Game 6.5); Ben Revere outside-the-park-homerun.
  28. End of Season; Total number of Jonathan Papelbon blown saves
  29. End of Season; Total number of Michael Young errors.
  30. End of Season; Top three team leaders in homeruns (extra credit points for numbers).
  31. End of Season; Domonic Brown end of season OBP; over/under/even of .350.
  32. End of Season; Ryan Howard; greater number of IBBs or GIDPs.
  33. End of Season; Total number of pitchers used by Phillies; over/under/even of 22 (last year was 24).
  34. End of Season; Qualified Phillie with highest OPS (extra credit for being within .015 of number).
  35. End of Season; Phillies' record; over/under/even of 84-78 (.518).
Extra Credit 1: Greater: Number of Phillies' (regular season) wins or Roy Halladay's average fastball velocity in MPH, per Pitch f/x.
Extra Credit 2: Number of attendees to TGP meetup during SABR 43 Conference.

Post your answers in the comment section. Submissions will be accepted up to midnight EST on April 10th; but any events that occur prior to your submission will be disqualified, so get them in ASAP.

Good luck!