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Phillie Phantasy Roundup: CBS Draft Results

The CBS draft went down last night. Results and discussion to follow.

Don't make me put this bat where you think I'm gonna put it Phrozen. Trade me. Now.
Don't make me put this bat where you think I'm gonna put it Phrozen. Trade me. Now.
Justin Sullivan

The CBS draft went down last night at 7:00 and aside from a few minor hiccups with auto drafting a good time was had by all. My Little Conies took Miguel Cabrera with the first overall pick and closer without a job Jose Valverde was the last player taken. in between, 16 teams chose 398 other players and left a few dandies dangling on the waiver wire. (yeah, like I'm gonna tell you guys who they are!)

The draft ended at 10:30. Trader Joe's updated their trade block at 10:33.

Post your rosters and thoughts on your draft (strategy, mistakes, best move, etc...) below and feel free to chime in with anything else.

A few highlights:

1. Liz Roscher DID NOT DRAFT HEATH BELL. This assures her at least a second to last place finish

2. 6 pitchers went in the first round, including both Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels.

3. The Phortress of Phortitude followed his drafting patterns of years past by stocking up on SP in the first 4 rounds. His projected FIP is 3.282 good for second place in preseason team FIP projections. The team with the lowest FIP projections? that would be...

4. TEAM Catz, who managed to wait until the 3rd round to snag a SP. He also does not have an everyday 2B... Will teams be willing to deal with the Trade guru, or will he have to figure out a different strategy this year?

5. In a huge scheduling and email snafu perennial contender and fantasy player extraordinaire RPT did not know about the draft and did not join in until about the 8th round or so. Will his auto draft philosophy work out?

6. For the second year in a row Trev"please don't let Tulo fall to me"223 drafted Troy Tulowitski in the first round. Will this finally be the year that Tulo delivers for team Trev?He put together a pretty incredible team, but Tulo is the Glue to it all.

7. Yahoo defector and bloglord WetLuzinski passed on Robbie Cano, Buster Posey, Matt Kemp, and Albert Pujols at number 7 and reached for Stephen Strasburg. Move of the draft or mistake of the year?

8. Every Phillies projected starter save one was drafted.

And in possibly the most villainous, low down, dirty, sneaky, unsportsmanlike, friendship ending move in the history of TGP fantasy baseball, Phrozen shocked the world by snagging last years league MVP and the heart and soul of team Catz, FHOFRI in the 19th round.

Ibanez was reached at his home in Seattle and had this to say:

It's a rough day for me. I'm not gonna lie. I'm pissed. I'm angry, I didn't ask for this but when life gives you lemons, you make a mojito, right? I have faith in Catz' trade abilities and am certain I'll be home before you know it. Probably on the same flight with Clayton Kershaw. Until then I'll do my job, and try and lead these guys by example.

Chime in below with your rosters guys, and lets have some fun this year.

and just for fun, first and last rounds pick by pick, per team:


1 My Little Conies Cabrera, Miguel 3B DET
2 The Wesley Crushers *Braun, Ryan LF MIL 1 min 31 sec
3 IndieHipster Ironies Trout, Mike CF LAA 1 min 4 sec
4 Phortress of Phortitude Kershaw, Clayton SP LAD 10 sec
5 Cormican Verlander, Justin SP DET 18 sec
6 Picture me Rollins Votto, Joey 1B CIN 11 sec
7 Poetic Justice Leaguers Strasburg, Stephen SP WAS 35 sec
8 phillies0100 Cano, Robinson 2B NYY 18 sec
9 Mattwinks Posey, Buster C SF 1 min 7 sec
10 TW Aardvarks Lee, Cliff SP PHI 1 min 8 sec
11 Revere Cowgirl Price, David SP TB 7 sec
12 Sor'lyehent Greenies *Kemp, Matt CF LAD 1 min 32 sec
13 Trev223 *Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL 1 min 30 sec
14 Exploding Knees Stanton, Giancarlo RF MIA 14 sec
15 88UCantWalkWith4Balls88 Hamels, Cole SP PHI 26 sec
16 The Trader JoeTraveling All Stars and Motor Kings Pujols, Albert 1B LAA 43 sec


My Little Conies Nakajima, Hiroyuki SS OAK 3 sec (8 min 58 sec)
2 The Wesley Crushers Pena, Carlos 1B HOU 36 sec (11 min 20 sec)
3 IndieHipster Ironies Barney, Darwin 2B CHC 6 sec (25 min 0 sec)
4 Phortress of Phortitude Cozart, Zack SS CIN 11 sec (8 min 11 sec)
5 Cormican O'Flaherty, Eric RP ATL 38 sec (11 min 38 sec)
6 Picture me Rollins Zunino, Mike C SEA 4 sec (18 min 15 sec)
7 Poetic Justice Leaguers Maholm, Paul SP ATL 10 sec (10 min 33 sec)
8 phillies0100 Crow, Aaron RP KC 10 sec (6 min 2 sec)
9 Mattwinks *Arencibia, J.P. C TOR 0 sec (9 min 4 sec)
10 TW Aardvarks Donaldson, Josh 3B OAK 4 sec (24 min 31 sec)
11 Revere Cowgirl Davis, Rajai CF TOR 1 sec (8 min 8 sec)
12 Sor'lyehent Greenies Dotel, Octavio RP DET 17 sec (14 min 44 sec)
13 Trev223 Soria, Joakim RP TEX 1 min 8 sec (17 min 34 sec)
14 Exploding Knees Collins, Tim RP KC 11 sec (15 min 11 sec)
15 88UCantWalkWith4Balls88 *Coke, Phil RP DET 0 sec (7 min 59 sec)
16 The Trader JoeTraveling All Stars and Motor Kings Valverde, Jose RP DET 3 min 20 sec (13 min 47 sec)