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Yahoo League, Draft Results!

(Ed Note: This update of last night's fantasy draft brought to you by fearless co-commissioner at arms, Ant. We salute your effort, and I particularly do as it allows me extended laziness. Slainte! This is also essentially a carbon copy of the already great fanpost, but with added exposure; feel free to transfer yer comments if you'd like.)

The Good Phight Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League completed their draft last night as did the CBS League. 14 teams participated and drafted rosters consisting of 28 individual players. The stat categories for this points league are as follows:

Hitting: RBI, HR, OBP, SLG, NSB (SB - Caught)
Pitching: K, ERA, WHIP QS, NSV (SV - Blown)

Some fun facts of the draft:
- First Philly taken: Cole Hamels (Round 2, Pick 3 - LeepinLizardz)
- Last Philly taken: Antonio Bastardo (Round 28, Pick 8 - Wyo Implossions)
- Delmon Young was also not drafted in this league, Ibanez was undrafted
- Joecatz has been already reaching out to Yahoo Fantasy Sports administrators to see if trading players between CBS and Yahoo is allowed

The first round draft results:

Round 1
1. Mike Trout(LAA - OF) The Human Ce...
2. Miguel Cabrera(Det - 3B) Northern Lights
3. Ryan Braun(Mil - OF) Brain or Braun?
4. Robinson Cano(NYY - 2B) jrobulls
5. Matt Kemp(LAD - OF) What's April?
6. Andrew McCutchen(Pit - OF) The Last Yun...
7. Justin Verlander(Det - SP) Wyo Implossions
8. Albert Pujols(LAA - 1B) Cheap RBI Wh...
9. Stephen Strasburg(Was - SP) Team Rujasu
10. Joey Votto(Cin - 1B) The Mad Hopper
11. Carlos Gonzalez(Col - OF) Throat Yogurt
12. Clayton Kershaw(LAD - SP) LeepinLizardz
13. Giancarlo Stanton(Mia - OF) Girls gone B...
14. Prince Fielder(Det - 1B) Ant

The last round draft results:

Round 28
1. Ross Detwiler(Was - SP,RP) Ant
2. Francisco Liriano(Pit - SP,RP) Girls gone B...
3. Erik Kratz(Phi - C) LeepinLizardz
4. Kolten Wong(StL - 2B) Throat Yogurt
5. David Hernandez(Ari - RP) The Mad Hopper
6. Justin Ruggiano(Mia - OF) Team Rujasu
7. Peter Bourjos(LAA - OF) Cheap RBI Wh...
8. Antonio Bastardo(Phi - RP) Wyo Implossions
9. Craig Stammen(Was - RP) The Last Yun...
10. Koji Uehara(Bos - RP) What's April?
11. Javy Guerra(LAD - RP) jrobulls
12. Martin Perez(Tex - SP,RP) Brain or Braun?
13. Eduardo Nunez(NYY - 3B,SS) Northern Lights
14. Brandon Moss(Oak - 1B,OF) The Human Ce...