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Some Phillies Links For You, March 7, 2013: Doc of Speed, Droopy Delmon, The Youngest Catcher

Philadelphia Phillies news from around the web for March 7, 2013.


Phillies' prospect Tommy Joseph impresses
Once again, this guy looks like he's about 37 years old. But he's looked pretty nice so far.

Phillies ace Roy Halladay throws behind Nationals hitter, inflames NL East rivalry |
What a fascinating thing to look forward tZZZZZZZZ

The Phillies Files : Ruf hardly a given for the 25-man roster
Shocked, shocked by this development.

Nationals Pastime: Now in a Phillies uniform, Lannan holds no grudges against Nats
His *new* teammates, on the other hand...

Phillies minor leaguer Quinn is on fast track - Morning Call
Paging Wet Luzinski, your Crush Object is on the Red Courtesy Phone.

Phillie Delmon Young's attitude in Florida not exactly sunny -

There are plenty of unflattering things that have been said by and about Delmon Young over the years. One thing he never has to worry about being called is overly enthusiastic.

It gets better from here.

Spring Headlines: Phillies, Nationals add fuel to budding rivalry

After battle on the hill, Strasburg praises Halladay
After the compliment, Halladay ordered that his security detail release Strasburg's wife from captivity.

The Roy Halladay Velocity Watch, Part 2
I'm not concerned, are you concerned? I'm not concerned. No.