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Working for the Weekend: Phillies at Rays Game Thread, March 8, 2013

Not exactly an All-Star caliber lineup today, folks.


Kyle Kendrick is taking on the Rays today, backed up by, well, some dudes. Freddy Galvis is at shortstop while Jimmy Rollins is at the World Baseball Classic. Wait, *who* has been playing shortstop lately? I'm sorry, I'm not sure who this Yuniesky Betancourt person is. He sounds like he's bad at baseball, though. Kevin Frandsen is at second base in place of Chase Utley. Michael Young is at third base instead of whoever it is the Phillies should have signed at third base this offseason. Ryan Howard's streak comes to an end as John Mayberry Jr. steps in at first base. Revere has the day off and his substitute is an old broom wearing a Phillies hat. Oh, wait, I'm sorry. That's actually Michael Martinez.

Domonic Brown is still in right field, though. He's got a .400 average this spring training. Go get 'em, tiger.

You can discuss the game and the awesomeness of Domonic Brown in the comments below.