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2013 Phillies Predictions: Joecatz

10 Bold Phillies predictions from the king of predictions himself.

I have to admit, when the boss-lady asked all of us to put together our predictions for the season, I got more than a little excited. I mean, come on, Catztradamus LIVES FOR THIS:

So without further ado, here are my 10 BOLD PREDICTIONS for 2013.

1. Ben Revere is the most popular athlete in Philadelphia by October.

The adorable smile. The fun tweets, and the explosive hustle and grit combined with someone other than "that bum Rollins" leading off will entrench Revere into the hearts of Philly fans.

2. Michael Young will be the most productive 3B the Phillies have had in a decade.

.295/.350/.460 with 20 HRs and 100 RBI, passable defense. 3 fWAR, and people will be thinking about bringing him back for 2014 before all is said and done.But what about the other Young?

3. Delmon Young will have no positive or negative impact on this team at all.

Why? Cause he won't be here long enough, or play enough for it to matter. I'll give you a couple reasons why starting with:

4.Ryan Howard and Domonic Brown will hit more home runs over the season than Delmon Young starts games in a Phillies Uniform.

By July 30th, Delmon Young will be an afterthought. He'll either play above his pay grade and get traded, or play below it and get released, but he wont finish the season in Red pinstripes.If you don't think that happens then maybe:

5. Kyle Kendrick strikes out more batters than Delmon Young gets hits on the entire season.

Young has never had a season where he had fewer than 112 hits where he played 108 games. Kendrick struck out a career high 116 batters in 159 innings last season. he had 8 K's to 2BB in 14 spring innings and has looked sharp. I've been on the Kyle train since before the train had steam, and this is his year. If you don't believe that one?

6. Chase Utley has TWICE AS MANY HBP on the season than Delmon Young has HRs in a Phillies Uniform. He will also play 145 games, put up 6 fWAR and sign a three year contract extension before the trade deadline.

Utley gets hit 19 times. Young hits 8 HR max before hes dealt or released because:

7. Darin Ruf will force his way on to the major league roster by June.

Ruf started to find his stroke at the end of the spring and a month or so in Lehigh in the OF will be all the Phillies need to see before giving him a shot. Mainly because they're going to be desperate for a RH power bat on the bench. But Ruf won't be the minor leaguer to have the most impact on the team. Why?

8. Adam Morgan will end up in the rotation.

I refuse to say why. Don't ask me to. Not gonna go there. But Morgan will continue to build on his K/BB numbers and get the call at some point. And he'll stick, Vance Worley style. And he'll be the guy of the future, because I hate to say it but...

9: Jesse Biddle will be traded, along with a catcher before the end of the season.

This is inevitable, in my opinion, manly because I beleive this team is better than anyone is giving them credit for, but they'll be one piece short. They always are. but it'll happen because:

10: Ruben will trade for Andre Ethier or Carl Crawford at the deadline and for once, it will be the right decision.

Yasel Puig is forcing himself into the Dodgers OF. Ruben has cash. LA will supplement the salaries for prospects, and Biddle will be the centerpiece. Its a natural fit, they've traded before, and it will turn out to be a good deal. Seriously, it will.because:


Domonic Brown will be a force. Ryan Howard will hit lefties. Chase utley will play 150 games. Ben Revere will swipe 50 bags. Hamels, Lee and Kendrick and HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED will pitch their asses off, and the bullpen will end up being the best thing about this team. They'll be hot in October. and maybe just maybe, we'll wheeze out one more.

Ya Gotta Believe.

Catz(tradamus) Out.