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4/10/13 Phillies Links: Chase Utley forrealforreal, Roman Candle Quinn is a Standup Dude, and Doc has a pottymouth

Hump Day Phillies Links for You, 4/10/13

Last night pretty much felt like that.
Last night pretty much felt like that.

The Real Chase Utley | Philadelphia magazine

Good in-depth profile of Utley by Robert Huber, although I must note here that some TGP writers have come pretty darn close with some educated guesswork. (The part about him being bad on the phone was my favorite). h/t to Liz for this gem.

Cliff Lee, Michael Young help Phillies find their groove in rout of Mets -
Longtime readers know I have this thing for the Delco Times, a relationship that is Officially Complex now that the capable and entertaining Dennis Deitch is their beat writer.

Halladay opens up after struggling again in Phillies' loss | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Because the Comcast Tower is heated by the farts of Apostate Red Phanatic, autoplay alert. But if you missed this yesterday, Jim Salisbury is watching the profanity-spewing Halladay.

Recap: Lee and Gee shove Mets over cliff - Amazin' Avenue

h/t for this here:

So, in summation: Cliff Lee is Cliff Lee. Dillon Gee is Dillon Gee, though exactly what Dillon Gee is will await determination until his next start in Minnesota, if then. Roy Halladay is Roy Halladay per the readjusted definition of Roy Halladay, The Phils are the Phils, the Mets are the Mets, parts is parts, you are you, that's the news, and I am outta here!


While I miss the highfallutin' Pitchers & Poets, if you don't know Bardball, you need to. Plus we're now onto each other.

You're Not Helping: 15 People And Things That Could Be Way More Useful (PHOTOS)
Somebody meme that firefighter photo with a photoshopped Chad Durbin, pronto.

NL EastBeasts:

Gattis Homers To Back Medlen's Strong Start As Braves Nip Marlins 3-2 - Talking Chop
Five in a row for the barvy Barves.

Washington Nationals Win 8-7 Over Chicago White Sox; Ian Desmond, Jayson Werth And Adam LaRoche (2) Go Yard - Federal Baseball
Dingers ahoy in the NL East. Also at Federal Baseball:

Washington Times' Amanda Comak: Mike Rizzo, Washington Nationals In Contract Extension Talks - Federal Baseball
If you could, you would too. Admit it.

Dave George: Get used to plenty of good seats being available... |
The key to a cheap night out is to sneak in your own beer.

Minor Leagues: Who Wants Fries with that?

Roman Quinn inside-the-park HR (via Josh Norris)

Back of the envelope: I timed this trip around the bases, from crack of the bat to home plate, at 14 seconds. Let's figure you have to run about 130 yards with the added distance to hit the bases just right. If that's the case, accounting for conversions, then Roman Candle Quinn did this at a 100m pace of 11.7 seconds. With turns.

h/t to @jnorris here.

Pawtucket beats IronPigs, 5-1 -
In which we discover how the farm system teaches the approach to a knuckleballer.

EASTERN LEAGUE: Reading edges Portland - The Mercury
Cameron e-Ruppted. Get it? Get the joke? lolololol

It was an odd game, with an uneven tempo, but in the end, Clearwater prevailed 5-4 over the error-prone Daytona Cubs before 2,106 at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. |
I can't love this headline enough. Also: I like how the Phillies have two guys whose last names sound/look like "roof."