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Phillies at Reds Game Thread, April 15, 2013

Tonight, there is a baseball game. That's all I've got for you.


Off the heels of Roy Halladay's 200th win, the Phillies look to make it two in a row as they open the series against the Reds in Cincinnati on Jackie Robinson Day. Cliff Lee takes the mound hoping to extend his stellar start to the season, while Bronson Arroyo gets the nod for the Reds. Freddie Galvis gets the start at second base. Chase Utley is fine. Just getting a rest day.

Tonight, I'd also like to talk about donating blood. It's a really important thing to do, no matter your age or race or blood type. People need blood every day, and there's a constant shortage.

It's a very personal thing -- you're not just giving your time, but part of yourself. But please consider it. Donating takes about an hour. You'll feel woozy afterward. But you just helped someone. In fact, every time you give blood, you help three people. Three. Click here to find a donation site near you.

Here are some helpful links to get you started donating blood:

Start with the main Red Cross blood donation site:

First time donor? Here's your guide:

More questions? Check out their FAQs:

Curious about what your blood can do? Learn about it here:

There are different types of blood donations, so visit this site to pick the right one for you:

And lastly, if you want to donate blood but don't know where, check here:

Discuss the game in the comments below.

(Many thanks to Joecatz for the baseball intro.)