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Ben Revere: Awesome Catch, Awesome Guy

Ben Revere is pretty awesome.

Andy Lyons

I love Ben Revere. It's not like this is breaking news, and it wasn't sudden or anything. He's constantly smiling, exceedingly adorable, he's a blast to watch, and his twitter account is a strange yet compelling mix of gratitude, motivation, and every day happenings. This was enough to make me a fan. But last night, I became a fan for life.

He made this catch last night to help Cliff Lee:

I mean look at that. It's utterly insane. No one should be able to make that catch. Not Spiderman. Not Stretch Armstrong. But Ben Revere did. My favorite part about that clip isn't even the catch. Oh no. It's what he does after. He immediately gets up from the Ben Revere shaped hole in the warning track, turns around, and throws the ball to Jimmy Rollins. Rollins relays the ball to Ryan Howard and the runner is doubled off. That catch would be enough to disorient lesser men. But not Ben Revere. He plays some heads-up defense in center field. The only thing that would have made that clip better is if they used the audio of Scott Franzke completely losing his mind on the radio broadcast.

What makes this all even more wonderful is the simple note that Revere had taped to his glove last night.

So with that, Ben Revere and his flying squirrel catch have earned a permanent place in my heart. I'm looking forward to watching him play for the Phillies for years to come.