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Everyone Knows The Phillies Are Antiquated

We've complained about the Phillies antiquated approach to player evaluation and development in the past. Word has obviously spread widely, considering this clip from a minor league announcer.

The smile of ignorance.
The smile of ignorance.
Len Redkoles

It's no surprise to those who regularly follow this team that the front office has an antiquated approach to player development and evaluation. Matt Gelb wrote about this recently in the Inquirer, and we've complained about it here for years.

Basically, in an age when most teams have moved toward statistical analysis, either as their major approach to the game or as a significant complement to traditional approaches, the Phillies have seemingly resisted any forward thinking. Their statistics "department" also doubles as the pitch data entry department, press box play-by-play announcing department, front office IT department, and radar gun department. (Seriously.) The team proudly proclaims that it doesn't care about walks and that its scouts are able to tell a player's makeup, and that's all that matters.

In other words, the front office is stuck in the 1960s when the rest of baseball is playing in the 2000s or 2010s.

The clip below illustrates that this is known not just by those, like us, who follow the team closely, but also by those who are far far removed from the Phillies. Here's a Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA) announcer commenting about just how back asswards the Phillies are:

When word has spread to minor league announcers, the franchise has a problem.

H/T the always great ZWR and Mister Tug.