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Already In Progress: Phillies at Reds 9th Inning Game Thread

Kyle Kendrick, you are great.

Andy Lyons

Today at 5:30, the Phillies and the Reds pick up where they left off last night. And where did they leave off last night? Kyle Kendrick and Homer Bailey dueled for seven innings of scoreless baseball, each with only two hits. Kendrick was done after seven innings and Antonio Bastardo ably stepped in to keep it 0-0. Bailey went eight innings with no walks, ten strikeouts, and he only threw 89 pitches. Aroldis Chapman pitched the top of the ninth.

Kyle Kendrick dueled with Homer Bailey. At pitching! Kyle Kendrick is awesome, and I won't hear otherwise.

We now join last night's game today, in the bottom of the ninth of a scoreless game with Cincinnati batting. The Reds can end it quickly. Or this game could go on for a really long time.

Discuss in the comments below, you admirable die hard fanciers of baseball.