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Thursday Phillies Links for You, 4/18/13

Chip Kelly would know how to shake up this ragtag collection of losers!

Don't worry. He'll get a lot more practice.
Don't worry. He'll get a lot more practice.
Joe Robbins

Phillies get thumped; Brown, Lannan ailing

Would just like to give a writerly h/t to Matt Gelb for the first four paragraphs.

Only Took Ten Minutes To Prove Another Manuel Gaffe | GCOBB.COM
On the other hand: I'm not quite sure where GCobb falls in my guilty pleasure/bloggy dyspepsia baseball reader, but it's certainly hitting a new stride.

Jonathan Papelbon doesn't feel safe in crowds of fans, thinks Pres. Obama wants to take his guns
If you enjoyed Mitt Romney's quotes about mainstream sports, here are Papelbon's about politics.

April Is The Cruelest Month...Of The Baseball Season
So welcome to my baseball neighborhood.

Phillies Have Second Most Loyal Fanbase In MLB " CBS Philly
My first chapbook titles might be: "Studies Show," "Unnamed Sources Said," and "Experts Now Conclude."

Chip Kelly brought smoothies with him to Philadelphia | ProFootballTalk

"Soylent Mean Green People Eater" was reportedly a favorite. Because innovation inevitably goes well in Philadelphia.

NL East Beasts

Atlanta's 10-game winning streak ends with 1-0 loss to Kansas City - Talking Chop
Good news: It was a questionable strike zone what did it!

Washington Nationals Take 2 Of 3 From Miami Marlins With 6-1 Win: Ross Detwiler Pwns Fish - Federal Baseball
It's so cute to watch other blogs go through the "pwn" stage.

Bushy Bushville of the Bushiest Bushleaguers in the Bush

Darin Ruf's first home run not enough as Lehigh Valley IronPigs lose to Pawtucket |
Just up there hacking wildly.

Daytona 13, Clearwater 2
Ethan, about your control... game story if you're a narrative type.

BlueClaws come up short in series finale | The Asbury Park Press NJ |
Losers! Losers who lose! The whole damn organization! Just makes me want to... to...GODDMEME IT