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Joe Savery Recalled

The Phillies opt for an extra arm for a few days as they recall Joe Savery to take John Lannan's roster spot.

Keep him away from Righties
Keep him away from Righties
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The Phillies have replaced John Lannan on the active roster with LHRP Joe Savery. Savery has pitched stellar out of the bullpen for the Iron Pigs so far.

7.2 innings pitched. 2 hits, 0 BB, 11 K's, 0 earned runs.

That said, The Cardinals lineup features just two left handed starters, in Matt Carpenter and John Jay, neither of whom have severe splits.

In addition, right handed batters have crushed Savery to the tune of a 286/371/516 line with 3 HR 8BB and 10Ks over 71 batters faced at the major league level. Compared to his 200/227/341 1 HR 0 BB 8 K lifetime major league line against LH batters over 41 major league innings lets hope charlie doesn't use him too much this series, because, well, I don't see how he's useable.

Then again, one would have to actually LOOK AT THAT when they make these decisions so... yeah.

Not to beat a dead horse, but with Domonic Brown ailing, and the Phillies set to face Jaime Garcia tonight, its a little baffling that, given Savery's struggles against RH batters, and the Phillies lack of bench depth, that they opted for a AAAA loogy over say, Darin Ruf for a few days.

Corresponding move to add a starter coming monday.