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Ryan Howard's contract...

How would you end that phrase?


Last night, Keith Law tweeted this:

That right there is a sentence without an ending. So we at The Good Phight came up with a number of different ways to end that sentence.

Ryan Howard's contract...

  • is what people talk about when they have run out of intelligent things to say.
  • will be over when Albert Pujols' contract has five more years remaining on it.
  • is the moment when we realized that Amaro and the Phillies were really lucky and really stupid.
  • is something that can be destroyed only by the cleansing fire of Apostate Red Phanatic.
  • is the Phillies' heart balm for Braves fans so they don't commit suicide after so many recent division title near-misses and in advance of the coming choke this year.
  • is the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.
  • is grounds for firing Ruben Amaro.
  • was actually the Devil's greatest trick.
  • is the reason Cliff Lee was not a Phillie in 2010 (and thus possibly why they didn't win the World Series that year).
  • is the reason we can't have nice things.
  • isn't why he can't hit lefties.
  • is not a reason to boo Ryan Howard.
  • is something every single Phillies fan would have signed if in his shoes.
  • is an anagram for Concordant Warty Rash.

We put the call out on twitter as well, and here are some of our favorite responses.

So, how would you end that sentence? Give us your best in the comments below.