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Welcome back to

For Phillies bloggers, the return of feels something like all fans might feel like had Jayson Werth never left.

Jason Grilli heard the news about the
Jason Grilli heard the news about the
Hunter Martin

In a post by Mike Meech this morning, our old pals at announced that they are back in business. Meech, who had suspended the site in November 2011, comes back this time "on some Pat Gillick advisory shit," leaving day-to-day operations in the hands of Tug Haines and another Phillies blogger extraordinaire, Zoo With Roy.

For those FansSince11s out there, is a go-to source for great .gifs from last night's game as well as awkward exchanges from televised media, and that's just for starters. Essential bookmarking, and a key part of our own blogroll, which we're bound to find around here somewhere ::flips through SBNation 2.0 redesign manual::

Anyways, while we work on that detail, we welcome back our old pals and wish them well!

Welcome Back Kotter (via sonic540)