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It's Called a "Winning Streak" - Phillies 9, Mets 4

Oh, hey, look, it's the sixth.

Jason Szenes

So... I love Saturday games. Rather, I love Saturday night games. Weeknight games start while I'm at work, and often seem to end before I even get home. Sunday day games start at 9AM for me. But Saturday night games are perfect. So, it was much to my surprise that today's Saturday game, for which I had gleefully claimed recap duty, was not a night game. A surprise which hit about an hour ago, around the bottom of the sixth, when I woke up. Also I'm kind of hungover, so there's that.

So the Phillies won, apparently. Jonathan "Not the Don't Touch My Guns guy" Pettibone was a shade less crisp than his first start, including a wish-I-could-of-seen-it plunking of the first batter of the game; but he was solid enough to secure his first big league win, which, meaningless as pitcher Ws are, has to mean something for the guy. Pettibone also recorded his first big league hit, kicking off a three-run third inning. Congrats, Bone.

In the fifth, the Phillies broke the game open. Jimmy Rollins led off with a double, Michael Young drew a walk, and Ryan Howard singled up the middle, scoring Rollins, and bringing Domonic Brown to the plate. Brown, who has hit .375/.412/.688 over the last week (including today) blasted a three run homerun, and probably flipped his bat because he's terrible (seriously, people who think this way should jump off a bridge). John Mayberry followed with a deep shot to left, the Phillies' second back-to-back pair this season.

In the eighth, a fan ran on to the field wearing a Chad Durbin jersey and pitched a scoreless inning.

Fangraph of John Buck's Irrelevant Ninth Inning Homerun

Source: FanGraphs

With the win, their second in a row, the Phillies improve to 11-14 on the season. They go for the sweep tomorrow behind Cole Hamels and OMG CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111one