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2013 Phillies Predictions: Cormican

My predictions will be prospect focused. Who's a sleeper due for a big season? Who will the Phillies pick with the 16th Overall pick in the 2013 June Draft? Which well known Prospect will struggle? Who makes their debut with the big club in 2013?


Sebastian Valle will have a breakout season. He'll be repeating AA, he'll be more age appropriate for the league and he'll be pushed some by Cameron Rupp. He'll still be immune to Walks, but the overall line and emerging Home Run power will be enough to get him traded at the deadline.

Adam Morgan will be Starting for the Phillies by mid-summer. After continuing to pitch impressively against AAA hitters, Morgan gets the call when Halladay goes down for the Season. Morgan is 2013's Marty Bystrom (or Bruce Ruffin, or Tyler Greene, etc.) and helps the Phillies win the Wild Card. There is much rejoicing and the Player fan group trend remerges with Morgan's Organs, a group of anatomically incorrect internal organs who sit in the second level for all his starts.

The Iron Pigs win the 2013 Triple-A title on their home field behind the power hitting of Mitchell, Fields and Tommy Joseph. The Championship game is won by Jesse Biddle (called up mid-season to take Morgan's spot in the rotation) and is saved by Ace Closer Brody Colvin.

Carlos Tocci struggles with the double jump to Lakewood and goes to Williamsport when the Short Season opens. He's replaced by Larry "Fudgie" Greene, who has revamped his swing, enabling him to stay back on off=-speed pitches better.

Jose Pujols wins the Home Run Title in the Gulf Coast League and finishes his season crushing pitching in Williamsport. By season's end Pujols is on every Phillies Top 10 and sneaks into discussions for various Top 100 lists.

Roman "Candle" Quinn continues to struggle Defensively at Short, but shows improved power and patience at the plate. By the end of the season he has improved his defense enough to make several Top 100 Prospect lists.

The Phillies have a legit, quality First Round pick this year. This is awesome news and means we could be drafting a top-tier talent for a change. I'm also going to predict that the Phillies go less "Toolsy" and more of a safe, can be in the show in 3 years type guy by drafting Phil Ervin a corner Outfielder from Samford University. Sure the Phils have this rep for drafting toolsy lottery tickets, but I think that's a function of where they've picked the last several years. In 2013 they draft a guy who could, maybe, be Pat Burrell in a few years (good OBP, enough power for the corners, no word on nightlife).

It's not all good on the farm though, as Jon Pettibone struggles at AAA, due to bad BABiP luck. Finishes the Season in Triple-A and is pased over by Morgan for first shot at starting with the Phillies as the 6th Starter. Does not get September call-up.

Steven Susdorf is cut in June when the Phillies work out a deal with Arizona to keep Inciarte and send him to the Minors.

Cody Asche makes his Phillies debut when Michael Young goes on the 15 Day DL in August. He struggles at the plate, but performs well in the field. He returns to Allentown for the playoff run with the Iron Pigs.

And, I'd like to end on a positive note. The Phillies Paul Owens Award Winners (Phillies' ue Player of the Year) go to Roman "Candle" Quinn and Shane Watson (Yay Lakewood).