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Lower your expectations, watch TV, stay off Twitter, defend Tennessee to the last man, and learn the language

Hump Day Phillies Links for You, 4/3/12

Round up the usual suspects.
Round up the usual suspects.

Welcome back to the links, you duffers. This year I'll be your Interwebz cruise director on Wednesdays. Now go clickit.

Deitch: A consistent Roy Halladay is all Phillies really need -
Today's big story: Lowered expectations.

Phillies change fifth outfielder
And be sure to vote in the Roy Halladay poll today on

Is an impressive spring enough for Ezequiel Carrera to keep a Cleveland Indians roster spot? |

Spoiler alert: Answer is no. But there's a surprise ending!

Amaro: Baseball now, Manuel’s future later | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
RAJ with the protest-ready chant.

Phillies have highest opening day TV ratings in 17 years - Philadelphia Business Journal
Something to keep your eyes on during the REAL contract year.

A Note For Chipper Jones And Assorted Others, From The Editors Of Deadspin
If you're not familiar with how Deadspin uses Chipper Jones as its bete noire, here's the latest installment.

Graveyard of Peaches: How Tennessee Will Win Its War Against Georgia | Danger Room |
h/t to RememberThePhitans on this one. Having visited Lookout Mountain, this defense makes a lot of sense.

Astros announcer's comment about Rangers' Yu Darvish causes stir on Twitter | - News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW

Yo yo yo Prospect Heads!

Lehigh Valley ironPigs rally falls short -
We're talkin' about the Fightins, man. The Fightins. Said!

Prospect Profile: Reading and Lehigh Valley | Phuture Phillies
Our own/shared mattwinks with some quick impressions from last night's intramural derby between Reading and Lehigh Valley. PhoulBallz Interview: Top 2012 Draft Pick Shane Watson
As if there's really another player to keep an eye on at Lakewood besides Roman Candle Quinn. Pfft.