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Catz Corner: Is Roy the answer to the problems with Roy?

Lost in the debacle that is Roy Halladay's struggles is an interesting tweet last night from another Roy.

All hands on "deck"
All hands on "deck"
Joe Robbins

While one Roy was struggling to find his identity last night, another Roy was tweeting about wanting to come back to Philly.

Yup. Roy Oswalt started tweeting from his official account last night. Three tweets, within minutes of one another.

Tweet one:

Alright everybody this is officially Roy Oswalt

Tweet two:

Just a update, I haven't felt this good since 2010

Tweet three:

I would love to come back to Philly, loved my time there, amazing fans

Is this news? Who knows. But to openly come out and say, I'd like to come back to Philly, while Roy Halladay is pitching like Roy Hobbs after he got shot in "The Natural" is more than mere coincidence. It's an open message to Ruben Amaro that says "Hey Ruben, here I am".

Who knows, maybe this is the new way of negotiating contracts in the information age.

This may not turn into anything, but at the same time, Roy Oswalt would be an interesting pick up. Why? Well, for one, the simple fact of the matter is that the biggest issue with the Phillies right now isn't so much Roy Halladay or Cole Hamels early struggles as it is that Roy Halladay is no longer the guaranteed 7 inning guy he used to be. He's a 5-6 inning pitcher if his command comes back and his cutter is still gone. And the biggest most glaring weakness on this team is the utter lack of middle relief options.

What the Phillies are sorely lacking is a bonafied lights out long man. Signing Oswalt would allow him to take that role, while he builds up arm strength. It would also give the Phillies some needed insurance if Halladay is indeed broken.

Anythings better than Chad Durbin.

And Tractor injuries aside, if Roy really is in 2010 form, thats the guy who threw 211 innings between Philly and Houston with 55 BB to 193 Ks and finished 6th in the Cy Young voting.

and even if hes NOT, while his 2012 numbers in Texas were less than stellar, as a reliever Roy Oswalt struck out 20 batters to just 1 BB in 12 innings over 8 games last year.

Chad Durbin struck out 49 in 61 innings. to 28 BB.

Sign Roy Oswalt Rube. and make him your long man.

So Phillies fans, what do you think?

Maybe the Roy we need is the one we don't have.

Comment away.

Catz Out.