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Phillies vs. Indians Series Preview (5/14-5/15)

The Indians come to town for a short 2-game series. Hopefully it doesn't end like last time.

Jason Miller



The what could have been a perfect 7-0 west coast road trip, the Phillies ended up going 4-3. Which by all standards with this offense, isn't so bad. Still, all games were winnable and questionable ump calls, baserunning, and bullpen management managed to cost them in all games that they lost. Still, a series victory and a split with the #GodBacks isn't so bad at the end of the day.

The Indians come to town after they jumped our Phillies at Progressive Field. We won't see either Trevor Bauer or Zach McAllister this time around, but that's the least of the Phils worries. Jonathan Pettibone has been solid as a minor league call-up for the injured John Lannan, and in his last 4 starts, Cole Hamels is seemingly getting his mojo back.

Still, this Indians offense is one to be reckoned with, especially after the 14-2 schalacking that Roy Halladay suffered in game one of the last series. Carlos Santana and Mark Reynolds must be feared, as I previously pointed out and was proven right. Another name to watch out for? Ryan Rayburn. Only hitting .167 in the past week, he still has a 2013 season line of .316/.372/.544.

With the Phils on their current high after some clutch hitting and their walk-off win against a game Brandon McCarthy the end D'Backs, hopefully some they ride with some momentum coming into this 2-gamer, before a day off and a series with the Reds. Me personally? If the Phillies don't whomp Scott Kazmir, I quit being a fan of baseball forever. Woof.